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Bank of America Foreclosure

Bank of America Foreclosure process aims at treating fairly to its mortgage customers even if they are unable to qualify for any home loan assistance program of the bank or that of the federal government. The decision to freeze foreclosure sales until a review is not completed regarding affidavit fraud as reported in news articles and online blogs shows its sincerity in resolving issues and putting a halt to wrongful seizure. There have been reports regarding the mishandling of documents and non-compliance of proper rules and guidelines during the process of foreclosure.

The suspension is however lifted in 23 states where the review committee has submitted its report to the bank officials. These are the states where judicial process is followed, such as Florida, Indiana, Illinois, New York, Ohio and Wisconsin. The moratorium on foreclosures have been delayed in 27 states that include Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas and Washington. BofA mortgage foreclosure will remain on hold in these states as long as the investigation is on and the mess created by lenders is not cleaned out.

Bank of America Foreclosure Process

The process starts upon your receiving a foreclosure notice from the bank. This happens generally 90 days before the auction date, so you can use the time to seek homeownership assistance from the bank by calling 1.800.846.2222. The foreclosure process continues according to its timeline while your application for loan modification or any other alternative is being considered. Explore all options to save your home, but if is not possible, you can consider a short sale to get freedom from the debt obligation while keeping clean your credit report as well. Your attorney will explain you what it takes to let the lender foreclose on your property.

BofA foreclosure process can either be a judicial or a non-judicial one, depending upon the state you are residing. Under non-judicial process, a notice of default is recorded followed by the recording of a notice of sale, which is sent to the homeowner via mail. These notices are also published in local newspapers and are displayed at public places in an attempt to invite the maximum number of bidders at auction. The judicial process must begin with the filing of a lawsuit at a civil court. The court decides whether or not a foreclosure is justified and it also sets the sale date of the same. Legal notices are published and the house is sold at a public auction.

Bank of America Mortgage Foreclosure Department

Bank of America Foreclosure Department springs up to action when a payment gets delayed to more than 30 days. You will start receiving a series of default notifications. It is advisable to contact the department immediately and try as much as you can to stop the home foreclosure as it will badly affect your credit rating. In the first place, you should not let them issue a notice of default by keeping current with your payments. However, if you expect to face financial problems in time to come, don’t sit idle but explore the options and alternatives that B of A has put in place for borrowers like you.

Call at 1.800.846.2222 to get all kind of assistance that is possible. You can also contact a HUD-approved counseling agency to obtain proper guidance and support. For latest updates on foreclosure postponement, resume date, deficiency judgment, relief programs and current status, contact BOA foreclosure department. Here is the contact number.

Bank of America Foreclosure Department Phone Number: 1.800.669.6607


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