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Bank of America Mortgage Department

Bank of America Mortgage Department refers to the segment of the company that provides loan origination and servicing solutions to retail consumers as well as wholesale lenders and brokers. The department consists of several sections to deal with the various requirements of clients separately and effectively. Each of these sections has their own set of phone numbers, faxes and communication addresses. Some are even providing services as separate companies.

A home mortgage customer needs to contact one or the other functional division of the bank at various stages of a loan process. For example, a new applicant may want to talk to a loan officer to get complete details of home loan products and seek assistance in choosing an ideal option. An existing borrower, on the other hand, may need to contact the servicing department for information pertaining to insurance payments & claims, tax bills and escrow balances. A troubled customer may want to contact the home retention department to get solution to payment problems and stay current while continuing to live in their home.

BofA loss mitigation department can suggest you a suitable mortgage hardship program to help prevent foreclosure. Depending upon your financial obligation, you may choose to either keep homeownership or sell the property and pay all your debts.

The second option will require you to seek the help BOA short sale department. Similarly, Bank of America has separate departments, each with separate phone, fax number and mailing address, for mortgage payoff, lien release, discharge, loan assumption, loan modification, legal processing, real estate, fraud protection, REO properties, and for monitoring the bankruptcy and foreclosure processes and other home loan issues.

Bank of America Mortgage Department Phone Number

As Countrywide Financial is now a part of Bank of America, its customers should use the same phone number and contact details as the BAC consumers are using to reach a desirable official of the company. We have tried to collect the phone number for different sections of BofA Mortgage Department on this page. Though we have put our genuine effort in gathering these, we do not guarantee the correctness of the same. Please visit the website of the bank to check their authenticity. Here we go.
  • BOA Mortgage Department: 1.866.670.5271
  • BAC Home Loans Servicing LP: 1.800.669.6607
  • Loss Mitigation Center: 1.800.669.6650
  • Loan Modification Division: 1.800.720.3758
  • BofA Foreclosure Department: 1.800.669.6607
  • Homeowners Insurance Services: 1.800.262.4240
  • Escrow Account Details: 1.800.669.6607
  • Property Claims Department: 1.800.669.6076
  • Bank of America Short Sale Department: 1.866.880.1232
  • BOA Legal Department: 415.622.9688
  • BAC Fraud Department: 800.933.6262

Bank of America Mortgage Department Fax Number: 1.800.293.8158


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