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Bank of America Mortgage Online

Bank of America Mortgage Online refers to the services provided by the bank through its online banking gateways and web portals. The services are accessible to new as well as existing customers but the latter can get to see payment and other details by logging in to their online account using personalized ID. Even the customers who want to check their application status need to create an ID and passcode to sign in and see the approval status, estimated interest rate, payment amount and loan closing details. To prequalify, though no login ID is required, you can save time if you have one. For more information, you can talk to home loan specialist at 1.800.581.0653.

Bank of America Mortgage Online Payment

Can I pay my Bank of America mortgage online? The answer is certainly in affirmative as B of A has succeeded in developing a website that offers a three layer security to customers when they log in to their mortgage account online. It doesn’t matter whether you have obtained a loan from BOA or Countrywide Bank as both the institutions are now serviced by the same company known as BAC Home Loans Servicing LP.

With online banking you have flexibility to access your account anytime from anywhere and check balances and transaction history conveniently. Moreover, you can transfer funds, pay bills and mortgages, and get your interest statement instantly. If you are wondering how to pay Bank of America mortgage online then you would certainly be happy to know that it is as easy as entering some necessary details and clicking over a few links.

Just log in to your account using your BofA online banking ID or your converted Countrywide ID and select the View options link appearing on the Accounts overview page. Now select the Pay Now link and complete the process of BOA online payment. If you experience a login difficulty or face any other problem, you can talk to a customer service representative at 1.800.933.6262.

Bank of America Mortgage Online Banking

It is necessary to enroll for Bank of America Online Banking to pay mortgages online. To do that you need to provide only three items of information, namely your Social Security Number, Account Number and E-mail Address. Once you have completed the enrollment process successfully, you get an access to a wide range of payment and other services.

The Pay Now link option will take you to BofA MortgagePay on the Web, the online home loan payment option of the bank. Here you will find further options to make payment immediately for the current month or schedule a payment at a later date. The service is accessible 24 hours a day and seven days a week and you are also allowed to cancel a payment using the service.

Moreover, the bill pay features of the service allow you to pay bills to almost anyone on a date that you determine. For more information visit the website of the bank.


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