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Bank of America Mortgage Payment

It is highly recommended to use online banking services of the bank to pay mortgages despite the availability of other payment options at Bank of America. After the acquisition of Countrywide Financials, BofA has emerged as the largest home loan originator and servicing company in the country. The erstwhile Countrywide Bank is now renamed as Bank of America Home Loans and all the existing customers should now use BAC online resources and physical addresses to make payments and conduct other transactions.

Bank of America Mortgage Payment Online

If you are Internet savvy this will obviously be your first choice as doing things online in your own comfort zone is far better than visiting a payment center and waiting for your turn to get things done in an uncomfortable environment. It is even better than sending a mail to a physical address and expecting it to reach on time. Moreover, the flexibility of options you get when you open an online banking account or a mortgage account overshadows any problems associated online mortgage payments.

Visit for complete guidance on how you can open an account and use it to pay Bank of America Mortgage online. Countrywide customers can use their existing login ID to access their home loan accounts. You can set your account to an automatic payment mode by which the amount due each month will automatically be deducted from your account under the recurring plan.

Bank of America Mortgage Payment Options

Other options include payment by phone and credit card. To exercise credit card option for free you need to have one issued by FIA Card Services (the new name of MBNA after it was purchased by B of A), otherwise you may end up paying a fee of up to 2% of the amount to a third party. Phone assistance is available at 1.800.933.6262. You can use the same phone number to get assistance in case you have any payment related problems.

To use automatic draft facilities through BOA PayPlan Services, you can dial 1-800-669-6607 to talk to a customer service associate. It is advised to pay your bill before the due date other wise the bank will charge you a late fee after the expiry of grace period which may vary from case to case. Payment deferral or holiday or the facility to skip a payment may be provided subject to the eligibility of a borrower. It is also possible to make bi monthly or biweekly payments at BofA depending upon the choice of customers.

Bank of America Mortgage Payment Address

BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP strongly advocates on using the online banking facilities of the bank. However, it is possible to send payments via mail and Western Union. The payment address is printed on the front page of your loan documents, which can be any of the following addresses:

Bank of America Home Loans
PO Box 15222
Wilmington, DE 19886-5222

PO Box 515503
Los Angeles, CA 90051-6803

PO Box 650070
Dallas, TX 75265-0070


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