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Bank of America Website

Bank of America website has been redesigned to offer maximum security and convenience to users during their interactions with the bank. Problems may occur sometimes due to traffic congestion or some other technical snags, which slows down its performance considerably. One can understand the inconvenience customers have to face while trying to login for making payments when the site is down or returns no responses.

It is really irritating, and even frustrating, when you need to conduct an online transaction today only and you find that the BofA website is not working or undergoing a network outage for the day. Had you known earlier about the system crash you would have planned your financial obligations accordingly – the thought may occur to you. The bank should take the responsibility in notifying the users with frequent status updates when the site goes down.

With the exception of a few occasions when it confronts technical problems and issues, Bank of America Website works pretty fine and provides answers to any query impressively fast. The site contains over a million pages under different directories and subdomains. These divisions are made, perhaps, to improve accessibility of information and resources, and offer convenience to different groups of users.

There are separate sections for mortgages, credit cards, careers, home loans, investment solutions, real estate, and so on. Similarly, there are separate websites or separate segments within a website for homeowners, homebuyers, military personnel, employees, job seekers, business associates, investors, trustee, wholesale mortgage brokers and correspondent lenders. Besides, there exists which offers short sale and other solutions to professionals like real estate agents, mortgage brokers, attorneys and lenders.

Bank of America Mortgage Website

The home page of the main website contains a link to go to the mortgage section of the bank online. New borrowers can find a wealth of information and resources in this section, which is divided into home loans, mortgage purchase, refinance, home equity and reverse mortgage. The section also offers an array of tools and other resources to help them select an ideal product from the bank. Existing customers can also find servicing details and information on how one can obtain assistance for loan modification and foreclosure prevention. A separate website also exists to deal with issues of Countrywide customers and also of other users.

Bank of America Payment Website

BOA has developed an online payment gateway that offers three-layer security to the users and protects them from identity theft and other online fraud. Known as sitekey, the service requires users to log in to their online banking account by entering user ID and passcode. After successful login at, you will get access to Bank of America Mortgage Pay on the Web and experience the ultimate in online payment solution. Users should note that the new gateway has now completely replaced the old My Easy Payment, which no longer exists.


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