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Chase Bankruptcy

JP Morgan Chase Bank cannot continue with the foreclosure process if someone files bankruptcy in a court of law. This is normally the case but there are two exceptions. The bank can file a motion to lift the automatic stay and get the permission to restart the foreclosure proceedings. If the bank has already issued a notice of default to the homeowner as is required in most states the filing for bankruptcy will probably not help to stop the foreclosure procedure.

While Chapter 7 bankruptcy can let you delay the process for three to four months the Chapter 13 bankruptcy may work wonder to save your home. This is possible as you may be able to pay all your past dues over an extended period of time under a convenient repayment plan.

Moreover, the second and third lien mortgages are completely eliminated as they now become unsecured debt. You can contact your attorney or talk to a specialist to get appropriate advice in this regard.

Chase Bankruptcy Department

You may contact Chase Bankruptcy Department to get additional information in this regard. The department, although it is hard to contact them, can help you clear your doubt and modify active bankruptcy accounts.

Note that the bank can modify your account only when the bankruptcy department gives its approval for the same. Moreover, the bank also needs consent from the court to bring about any change in such accounts. If you want to sell your property after you have filed for bankruptcy you can do so. Your attorney will tell you about the complete process.

The phone number to contact Chase Bankruptcy Department is accessible only to the registered users. You need to log in to your Chase online account and see the contact details of the banking division dealing your home mortgage account.

You can find there the phone number to contact a loss mitigation specialist who might help you with the information you want to know about Chase bankruptcy. Here is the phone number.

Chase Bankruptcy Department Phone Number: 1-800-446-8939

You can also try to contact the Homeownership Assistance Department at the following mailing address:

Chase Home Finance LLC
Homeowners Assistance Department
3415 Vision Drive
Columbus, OH 43219-6009
Fax Number: 1-614-422-7259


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