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Chase Mortgage Insurance

Chase Mortgage Insurance may refer to the special programs of the bank that enable a home loan customer to pay off the outstanding debt balance in case of disability or accidental death. These programs are provided in association with a third party company known as American Bankers Life Insurance Company of Florida and some other business associates. The coverage and benefits may vary in different US states and one has to call 1-877-755-5730 to get complete details. Chase does not offer mortgage unemployment insurance.

Chase Mortgage Insurance may also refer to the private insurance mortgage (PMI) that you need to pay at the time of closing if your down payment is less than 20 percent of the home value. Moreover, it is also necessary for homebuyers to take adequate protection against loss from theft, liability and disasters through a homeowner’s insurance policy of reasonable value. There also exist specialized schemes to secure your property from the loss caused by disasters like flood, earthquake, and winds etc. You must send the verification to a designated insurance service center of JP Morgan Chase Bank.

Chase Mortgage Insurance Department

JP Morgan Chase Bank has an independent Life and Annuity Company that provides investment and retirement solutions to American citizens. However, its mortgage insurance department is controlled by the subsidiary known as Chase Home Finance LLC. The company has centers at several locations in the country, each providing services for one or more individual aspects of a home mortgage or refinance product.

Chase Insurance Processing Center is based in Atlanta Georgia and it is where you need to send your mortgage insurance information via mail or fax. This JP Morgan Chase Insurance Department can be contacted via phone also. The toll free number is 1-877-530-8951. Here is the mailing address and fax number of this department:

Chase Home Finance
P.O. Box 47020
Atlanta, GA 30366
Fax Number: 1-678-475-8799

Chase Mortgage Insurance Claim

Chase Bank requires you to inform its insurance claim department if you have sent a claim of damages on your mortgaged property. Moreover, the claim check you receive from your insurance company is also required to be sent to the loss draft department of the insurance processing center in order to get it endorsed by the bank.

Check endorsement depends on your status of being current with your payments. In case of delinquency you will have to contact the claim assistance center at 866-742-1461.

Furthermore, it is possible to pay off your outstanding loan balance with the claim check. If the amount you have received in claims is greater than the money you owe on your property, the bank will release the difference.

Here is the mailing address to send your claim check for endorsement.

By regular mail:
Chase Home Finance
Loss Draft Department
P. O. Box 47607
Atlanta, GA 30362

For overnight mail:
Chase Home Finance
2405 Commerce Avenue
Building 2000, Suite 100
Duluth, GA 30096
Fax Number: 1-678-475-8793


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