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Chase Mortgage Payoff

Chase Mortgage Payoff generally requires no prepayment charges unless they are specifically mentioned in your loan documents. There are in fact several kinds of prepayment charges; some apply whenever your payment exceeds the usual monthly amount, others may apply only when you pay off the full outstanding balance in one go. Again these all depend on the terms laid out in your home loan closing documents.

Chase Mortgage Payoff Calculator

It is often a requirement to pay off your first mortgage balance in full, especially when you are considering a refinance or home equity loan. The cost of clearing outstanding debt before the term ends should be taken into account while calculating the advantage of refinancing. This is what makes a payoff calculator an important tool.

JP Morgan Chase is a leading bank that makes available every kind of tools and resources that a customer may want to use at any point of his/her loan life. A mortgage payoff calculator is among the several such tools that are readily available online at the website of Chase Manhattan Bank. You can get an estimate of what you can expect after paying off an existing loan and refinancing another one.

Chase Mortgage Payoff Request

Having been convinced of the feasibility of a refinance option you may want to know about the process of making Chase mortgage payoff request. To do this you simply need to call the customer service department at 1-800-848-9136. Your request will be processed by the Voice Response Unit (VRU) of the bank and, if a need arises, can also be handled by a live person.

The customer care professionals will supply all information that you need to order a payoff quote including the fees, if applicable. Note that Chase does not chare any processing fee to issue a quote for most of its loan products. After obtaining the quote you can now contact the payoff department to complete the process.

JP Morgan Chase Mortgage Payoff Department

You should send a cashier’s check or funds certified by a banking instrument along with a copy of your payoff quote to JP Morgan Chase Mortgage Payoff Department either by mail or by fax. It is also possible to wire funds using the instructions provided on the quote. Here are the mailing address and fax number of the department.

Chase Home Finance LLC
Attn: Dept. PP-7456
3415 Vision Drive
Columbus, OH 43219-6009

Fax Number: 1-614-422-7773

To get additional information on Chase mortgage payoffs and fees, if any, call the customer service department at the following phone number.

Chase Mortgage Payoff Phone Number: 1-800-848-9136


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