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CitiMortgage Calculator

CitiMortgage Calculator allows you to check whether you are eligible to obtain a mortgage or refinance product from the bank. Besides establishing your eligibility, these calculators also help you know how much you can afford and which loan product is suitable to fulfill your home buying or refinancing requirements. These are one of the several tools, Citibank provides online for the benefit of consumers and there is no extra charge to use them. Moreover, these tools are accessible to anyone who has access to Internet and there is no login requirements of any kind to get them work for you.

Buying a home is an important financial decision and one needs to consider all aspects of financial obligations and repayment capabilities before applying for a loan product at any lender. The stability of your income resources, current assets & liabilities, the amount of money you earn each month, your monthly expenses and long term goal, all play important roles in taking a decision whether or not to buy a home now. Moreover, you need to decide appropriately regarding the kind of home loans you should apply for, as your decision would continue to affect your financial condition and lifestyle for quite a long time.

CitiMortgage Refinance Calculator

For new mortgage seekers, Citibank has made available a calculator that can check your affordability level and suggest an appropriate loan option. To access this tool go to online application section and answer questions you can see there. Rolling down the page you would get to see a slider that will allow you set a payment amount that you can easily afford during your loan life. This is such an easy and innovative way to experience the power of a Citibank mortgage calculator.

An existing customer, on the other hand, can use CitiMortgage refinance calculator to know whether it is right for them to go for a refinancing option. Remember that this tool is provided by a third party company and you cannot use the result computed by it to obtain a refinance product from the bank. However, the calculator serves as a valuable tool to help you estimate the feasibility of obtaining a refinance loan from CitiMortgage, Inc.

To get more information on CitiMortgage calculator and other tools browse our website or visit the website of the bank.


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