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CitiMortgage Online

CitiMortgage Online allows you to apply as well as get services while sitting at home. With the facility you need to visit a Citibank office or branch for most of the online banking and payment requirements you do on a regular basis. Moreover, you also have an option to automate payment schedule, thus warding off the threat of getting delinquent in payments or pay a late fee. New customers seeking a mortgage or refinance loan can visit the website and apply online for a home finance product. They can even use the online calculator to assess their borrowing requirements and capability to pay in order to find the most suitable product. One needs to answer a few questions to help the bank find a right mortgage for them. The application process is easy and secure.

CitiMortgage Online Payment

Citibank has developed one of the most secure and most convenient online payment platforms in the country. Its services rank the highest among the providers of financial solutions using Internet as payment gateway. Though it is possible to make a payment using the conventional mailing system, more and more users are now switching to this highly sophisticated mode of making payments and accessing account information. To ensure the safety of transactions, one has to go through a robust yet simple login process before they can be allowed to view their account details and pay mortgages. The best thing is that there is no online payment fee to avail the facilities. However a fee may apply for using certain specialized services provided online.

CitiMortgage Online Account

Not all users have access to their mortgage account online. A username and a password are the first requirements to sign in and enter the secure online gateway of the bank. These login requirements can be fulfilled by registering at the bank through a simple enrolment procedure. During the procedure, you are also asked a set of questions, which are necessary to establish your identity in case you forget either your username or password. With online access to your mortgage account, you can make payments quickly, see your principal balance, check transaction history, know about the tax and insurance details and get a statement as and when you want.

To know more about CitiMortgage Online and other aspects of Citibank Mortgage, browse our website You can also visit the official website of the bank, the link of which we are providing here.


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