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GMAC Mortgage Login

GMAC Mortgage Login is the necessary step to open your account online. The login process is easy yet secure as the company has put in place several innovative features to protect your mortgage account from falling into the fraudulent hands. GMAC has set a benchmark in devising ways to nip fraud and scam even before they start to surface.

Moreover, Ditech customers can also experience the same sort of safety and convenience while performing online transactions and making payments online. This is because the Ditech brand is owned by GMAC Mortgage LLC and most of its products are now made available under this brand.

The enrollment process enables you to set a username and password that are the first requirements to enjoy access to your online account. Apart from this, one has to answer a few challenge questions and select a trusted image and phrase to help the company provide an additional layer of security. These steps are a way to ensure that your identity remains protected even if someone succeeds in obtaining your username and password.

Moreover, if someone tries to sign in using your login information from a different computer, the system will automatically deny him access to your account. This is possible as a cookie is placed in your computer during the registration process, which allows only that computer to be used for GMAC online login.

It is thus advisable to use only the computer that the GMAC mortgage login system recognizes for obtaining a quick access to your online account. After providing your username, you will get to see a trusted image and phrase. If this is the image you have chosen during the registration process, click yes. The image will change if you click no and the process will be repeated.

Upon selecting the correct image, you will be prompted to enter your password and then you will complete the login process. This additional step also ensures that you are on the correct GMAC website, so as to avoid divulging vital information to a third party website.

GMAC Mortgage Login thus offers you a safe and enjoyable experience of performing transactions online. Upon getting access to your account, you can make payments conveniently and do a lot of activities, such as view your balance details, check your escrow account, know about taxes and insurance and obtain an online statement, quickly and quite conveniently.

For any assistance regarding login process, contact the customer service department of the bank, which is accessible via phone at 1-800-766-4622.


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