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GMAC Mortgage Online

GMAC Mortgage Online system is a secure way to make payments and view your account details anytime and from anywhere. It is a robust system that has taken into account the possible misuse of your account by unauthorized users and creating several layers of security arrangements. Besides, the usual requirements of a valid username and unique password, the online access system features an extra protective layer of recognizing a trusted image and phrase or answering a set of challenge questions correctly by the user. With such stiff login requirements, it becomes impossible for a hacker or an illegal user to open your account even if he gets access to your username or password.

GMAC Mortgage Online Payment

The prime objective of having a GMAC mortgage online account is to enjoy the convenience of making payments anytime from anywhere. However, one does not require online access to their account in order to make an online payment. This is possible through a payment option known as Rush Pay, but you need to pay a small fee to avail this service.

Those who have gone through the enrollment procedure and got their login username and password have many more options to pay GMAC mortgage online. For example, they can set an automatic payment schedule or choose Pay-On-Demand option to set the date and time of payment from their checking or savings account. These options are available for free, but you need to register first in order to use them.

The website of the bank offers a lot of information and services online. For example, you can view the various finance options and use the Internet to start the application process for a mortgage or refinance product. Moreover, you can check rates or seek a loan modification option without ever visiting a physical branch of the bank. It is also possible to contact the customer service representative using its secured email system.

GMAC Mortgage Online Account

GMAC mortgage online account is visible to registered users only. To complete the registration process you need to supply the information required during enrolment and also choose a trusted image and phrase and provide answers to the challenge questions offered to you.

The computer that you use for enrolment also gets registered and a cookie is placed in it to show you the trusted image and phrase the next time you log in using the same computer. If you try to use a different computer the trusted image would not appear, instead you will see the challenge questions. Only the correct answers to these questions will lead you to the page where you can enter password and other details to obtain access to your mortgage account.

Make payments, view principal balance, check escrow or get statement online with easy access to your mortgage account. Remember that you need to open your account at least once in a year in order to keep it activated all time. Even if you do not have online access to your account you can still get account information by using the automated services available at 1-800-766-4622.


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