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GMAC Mortgage Payment

There are several options for making GMAC mortgage payment. Some are free to use whereas others require you to a pay a fee for using the service. Here are the various options.
  • Online Payment Services – Usually free
  • Pay by Phone Services – chargeable
  • Sending Standard Mail or Express Mail to a payment address – free
  • Using Western Union to transfer money – chargeable
  • Using MoneyGram – chargeable
  • Pay by Credit Card – chargeable
You are free to choose any of the options offered by GMAC, but whichever you choose must ensure that your payment reach on due date or latest before the end of the grace period. The grace period may differ for different loan programs and you need correct information regarding the same as payment beyond its expiry will incur a late fee. Call the customer service department at 1-800-205-4622 to know about the grace period allowed with your loan program.

GMAC Mortgage Online Payment

This is by far the most convenient and most popular method of paying your mortgages at GMAC. The method offers not just one but a number of options to pay your GMAC mortgage online conveniently. These options may include a monthly program that enables you to schedule your payment for automatic deduction, Pay-On-Demand which gives you more control over the selection of the date on which your account must be debited and a rush pay option in case you have not enrolled for any online program. The last option, however, is not free and there is a small service fee chargeable from you. Moreover, with online access to your account, it is also possible to pay your bills online while sitting at home. For more information visit the website of the company.

GMAC Mortgage Payment Address

The mailing address to send your payment through a standard mail is as follows:

GMAC Mortgage
P.O. Box 79135
Phoenix, AZ 85062-9135

For express mail, use the address given below:

GMAC Mortgage
6716 Grade Lane
Building 9, Suite 910
Louisville, KY 40213-1407

GMAC Mortgage Payoff

To make a payoff request at GMAC you need to contact the customer service department via email or phone. For emailing your request, you should first fill a request form and submit the same online. The officials will contact you and send you a payoff statement with the instructions on how you should proceed towards paying off your mortgage. The phone number to contact the department for getting a payoff statement issued to you is 1-877-941-4622. Moreover, you can also use the address of the customer service to send your request via mail.


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