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GMAC Mortgage Rates

GMAC Mortgage Rates can be customized by providing information pertaining to your finance requirements and the type of property you are going to buy. Some of the factors that play vital role in determining the mortgage rates you can expect from GMAC include type of loan – purchase or refinance, type of home – single family, condominium or planned unit development, occupancy type – primary residence or second home, loan amount, property value, credit score and location.

GMAC Mortgage Rates Current

It is possible to get a rate quote online and view your option of GMAC mortgage loans by filling up a form with the information required under various fields. For example, a loan amount of $100,000 for a single family home valuing $125,000 with excellent credit score would show the following results:

Loan Products Interest Rates Points APR
30 Year Fixed 4.875% 1.250 5.163%
15 Year Fixed 4.250% 1.125 4.720%
5/1 ARM 3.375% 1.000 3.371%
3/1 ARM 3.125% 1.125 3.275%

The above rates are applicable in California if you want to purchase a home for primary residence. You may get a different set of results in case you need to refinance a loan or are living in a different state. GMAC also offers jumbo loans for the amount that does not correspond to the standard set by FHA. Moreover, it is possible to have FHA-insured loans from GMAC at more flexible options.

GMAC Mortgage Rate Reduction Program

GMAC offers great discounts in closing costs along with an exclusive rate reduction program for members of Paramount Healthcare. The offer is valid only for the purchase of first home and is applicable on the current market condition prevailing at the time of the rate lock. The rate reduction program allows you to have a discount of 25 percent in applicable rates for a 30 year fixed loan program.

One can call 866-581-4622 to get more information regarding the program. For general information on GMAC mortgage interest rates today, one can contact the customer service department. The phone number to contact this department is 1-877-941-4622. For more information, browse our website or visit the website of the bank. You can also visit the Ditech website to get current information. Ditech is a mortgage brand owned by GMAC Mortgage LLC.


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