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HSBC Mortgage

HSBC Mortgage refers to the product and services offered by HSBC Mortgage Corporation headquartered in Depew, New York. One among the several affiliates of the HSBC Bank USA, NA, it has specialization in residential real estate lending, with products currently being offered under HSBC, HFC and Beneficial Brands.

Globally speaking, the brand HSBC is owned by HSBC Holdings PLC, based in London. The HSBC Group is one of the largest banking and financial services groups in the world with over 8,000 international offices in 87 countries across all continents. The history of the Group begins with the establishment of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in 1865.

In US, the bank has a strong presence in New York, where it has as many as 400 branches across the state. Its presence can also be felt in states like Florida, California, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Washington.

Over the years, it has expanded its reach by acquiring popular mortgage brands like Household and Beneficial. The Household Finance Corporation was acquired in 2002, and since then its customers are being serviced through HSBC Mortgage Services, Inc, located in Brandon FL.

HSBC Mortgage Rates

HSBC offers a large array of home mortgage and refinance products that can be categorized into three broad groups fixed, adjustable and specialized. Under fixed rate options, it offers conforming fixed, New York SONYMA, VA & FHA loans and Interest Only mortgages, all at great rates. On the other hand, the adjustable-rate options consist of conforming ARMs and Interest only ARMs.

The specialized loan programs are what make HSBC Mortgage and its rates special. These products include new construction loans, home renewal finance, limited documentation program, low or no downpayment program, affordable housing, cooperative housing and blended loans. Browse our website to see current interest rates for each of these options.

HSBC Mortgage Modification

For existing customers, HSBC Mortgage Corporation offers several refinance and loan modification programs. Also these customers are offered payment and account management solutions, such as online account management, equity accelerator program, amortization schedule, escrow account, insurance, and payment difficulties.

In times of hardship, one can call the payment assistance line at 1-800-338-6441 or request online by submitting completed hardship assistance financial disclosure form. Former Household Mortgage Services customers can seek loan modification assistance by calling 1-800-333-7023.

HSBC Mortgage Customer Service

For more information on any mortgage aspect, such as payoff, payment difficulties, new products, modification options, etc, one can call HSBC mortgage customer service phone number. There are two phone numbers, one each for new customers and existing customers.

Moreover, Household customers have to call a different phone number in order to contact a customer service representative. This number is 1-800-333-7023. For the HSBC customers, here are the contact details for the customer service department.

Phone Number (New Customers): 1-888-346-1717
Phone Number (Existing Customers): 1-800-338-4626

Mailing Address:

HSBC Mortgage Corporation (USA)
Attention: Customer Service
P.O. Box 4552
Buffalo, NY 14240-8851


HSBC Mortgage
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