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HSBC Loan Modification

HSBC Loan Modification is one among the several options that a customer is offered with when payment difficulties arise. The other options may include special forbearance or forbearance agreement, repayment plan, stipulation agreement and claim advance, if you want to retain homeownership, and pre-foreclosure sale or short sale and deed-in-lieu of foreclosure in case you are not in a position to keep staying in your home. Browse more to get information on options other than HSBC loan modification.

HSBC Mortgage Modification Program

A Loan Modification program is clearly the most preferred option as it aims at changing certain portions of your loan agreement for the life of the loan, thus making your payment more affordable. However, there are certain eligibility criteria that you must possess to qualify for an HSBC mortgage modification program. You can have the guidelines regarding the same from the website of the bank or you can even explore the Making Home Affordable website of the federal government to obtain information on eligibility guidelines for Home Affordable Modification Program.

A Hardship Assistance Financial Disclosure Form and Relief Package exists online, which you can complete and submit to obtain appropriate assistance from HSBC loan modification department. Moreover, it is also possible to download a printable copy of Financial Disclosure Form and send your loan modification application via mail. But before sending you application, it is better to talk to a counselor of the bank and get an appropriate course of action. The counselors are experienced enough to suggest a short-term or long-term solution based on your current financial condition.

HSBC Loan Modification Department

The first step towards a solution to your payment difficulties is to contact the payment assistance team of the bank. This can be done by calling at 1-800-338-6441. You may be offered a loan modification option provided you qualify for it and are asked to send a relevant form online or by fax or mail to HSBC loan modification department and complete the application process.

Here are the mailing address details:

HSBC Mortgage Corporation (USA)
Attn: Default Resolution Team
2929 Walden Avenue
Depew, NY 14043

Here are the fax details:

HSBC Mortgage Corporation (USA)
Attn: Default Resolution Team
Fax Number: (732) 352-7519

Moreover, you can call 1-888-648-3124 to track your application status. For complaints and also to know about the complete loan modification process, you can use online resources available at its website or call the customer service department. Browsing our website will also help you know more about different aspects of HSBC Mortgage.


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