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Mortgage Rates never remain static for too long, but instead they change everyday and sometimes more than once in a single day. All major lenders, banks, companies and loan originators have put a system in place to keep updating their mortgage rates today as soon as a change in the factors governing current market conditions is noticed. As mortgages held by lenders or banks are usually sold in the secondary market by government agencies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the investors come to play a vital role in setting market trends and causing the rate graph to go up or down with time.

Mortgage Interest Rates Forecast

The rule of market demand and supply applies. When the forecast shows a rising economy, the investors wait for the time when they can get the best returns possible. The demand for mortgage-backed securities becomes low, which increases the interest rates. On the other hand, the investors tend to buy more when the indicators suggest a downward trend in the economy, thus decreasing the average mortgage rates.

The predictions for the year 2011 suggest a dip in 30 year mortgage interest rate in the month of March before it regains strength and go on to touch 4.7 percent in June. Our news section will present you with complete rates outlook 2011 for 30- & 15-year fixed, adjustable and jumbo loan categories.

Mortgage Rates Today

Find a full set of resources on our website See Mortgage Rates Today on the home page to get an idea of how the current market is behaving. The chart provides an instant view of the current rate index for all major loan types including refinancing and home equity loans. We have separate pages for each bank offering wholesale and retail mortgage solutions.

These banks include the largest loan originators in the US, such as Bank of America, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo and Citimortgage, to name just a few here. The resources provided there will help you compare current mortgage rates as well as direct you to the comparison tool available online. Moreover, there are rate trackers available online that allow you to determine the right time to lock in or refinance an interest rate. To check out mortgage rate history, visit the website of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Mortgage Rate Calculator

The rates usually shown on the websites of lenders or banks are for indicative purpose only. What you will actually be charged depends on a number of factors, such as the type of loan, borrowing purpose, location, credit score and the type of real estate you are buying or refinancing.

Your annual income and the capability to repay the principal amount along with taxes, insurance and other charges are also taken into account when you get a quote from a lender. A mortgage rate calculator can help you know the kind of interest rates a bank is likely to offer you. Every major bank has made this tool available on its website and we will provide you additional resources on how to use the same for maximum benefits.

Browse our site to view home mortgage rates and APR offered by banks and loan originators in states like Michigan, NJ, California, Florida, Texas and Minnesota. Also find information on FHA & VA loan programs, Second Mortgage Solutions, Commercial Mortgages, Prime Rates, Bad Credit Loans, Home Equity Loans and more at various pages of our website.

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