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SunTrust Mortgage Calculator

SunTrust Mortgage Calculator is a great tool to have most of your financial analysis requirements fulfilled online and set your statistics right. There exists a separate calculating device for every kind of computational requirements; some are directly offered by the bank, others are provided through an arrangement with a third-party company known as LeadFusion. Some of the most used online tools include refinance, rent vs own, fixed vs adjustable, payment, closing cost, down payment, amortization, insurance and point calc and home value finder.

SunTrust Mortgage Rate Calculator

You can check SunTrust Mortgage Rates Today from the website of the bank for updated interest rates. However you need to use a calculator to know what would be applicable in your case. This is because the rates may vary according to factors like loan type, property type, location, loan amount, term length, discount points, down payment, closing cost and many other factors. There are calculators like Pay points to lower rate, reduce PMI, loan analyzer and house affordability. You may need to use more than one tool to see a clear financial picture. Talking to a loan officer before beginning an online application will further help you clear your doubts, if you have any.

SunTrust Mortgage Amortization Calculator

The monthly payments and amortization calculator is a good device to generate a complete amortization schedule based on the criteria you supply to it. You will see what kind of payment you need to make each month during the loan term. This can help you plan your financial budget more efficiently. Remember that the payments under an adjustable rate mortgage will start adjusting automatically according to the market after the initial years of fixed rate payment. Other payment calculators include make extra payments, ARM payments, fixed-rate payments and owner’s tax savings.

SunTrust Refinance Calculator

SunTrust Refinance Calculator can help you find the cost of refinancing a loan and know in exact value how much you are going to save with it. The decision to refinance is an important one and you should be well aware of the features of the product you are being offered and how it can help you save in monthly payments. Moreover, you may want to refinance in order to shorten your loan term and build home equity faster or get cash out of your equity in the property. SunTrust Refinance Calculator will help you find the feasibility of all such decisions.

SunTrust Mortgage Home Value Finder

Need to relocate to some other place? You would probably need a home value finder to know the current market price of your home. If you are a buyer and want to know the value of a house that fits your needs, you would need a home value finder. SunTrust mortgage home value finder does just the same job. Just feed the calculator with the required information pertaining to the location of the property and you will get an estimated cost instantly.

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