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SunTrust Mortgage Online

SunTrust Mortgage Online offers you a convenient way to make payments, view account details, pay bills, request payoff statements and update your contact information. You just need a login ID consisting of a user ID and password to use facilities provided by SunTrust Mortgage Online. Moreover, the online banking system of the company allows you to log on to your account for internet banking, investment banking, credit card access, mortgage access, 401(k) account access and trust online services.

SunTrust Mortgage Online Login

You need to register for My Account in order to log in and make payments online. For registration you require to set up a user ID and a password, each having at least 8 characters, and provide information pertaining to loan number SSN/TN and email address.

Moreover you are also required to select three security questions from the drop down menu and provide an answer for each of them. This is an additional security layer that has been put in place to protect your account from unauthorized access as well as establish your identity in case you forget your user ID or password.

Once you save the online form, the registration process will end and soon you will be granted access to your account online. With this, you can now sign up for ePay or SurePay and make your payments, view monthly mortgage statement and update your account information easily and quickly.

SunTrust Mortgage Online Payment

SunTrust Bank offers a number of online payment options for its home mortgage customers. To use any of these, you must have necessary login information. This you can have only after successfully registering for My Account.

You can log on to my account directly from the homepage of the SunTrust website. The payment options include SurePay ACH, ePay, Just in Time EFT (JIT) and bill pay. The first two options are free to use whereas fees may apply for using the last two alternatives.

With SurePay ACH, you can schedule to pay your mortgages automatically from a checking or savings account. The amount will be debited each month on the date you mention without requiring you to do anything. The ePay option is used to make one-time payment online as and when you want.

Just in Time EFT is used to authorize a one-time draft for same day payment, but you may need to pay for the service. The online bill pay service can be used to pay all kinds of bills electronically from you account. If your account is at another bank then you will have to pay a fee in order to avail the service.

For more information on SunTrust online banking services, visit its website or call the customer service number.


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