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US Bank Home Mortgage Payment

There are a number of options to make payments at US Bank, but the most popular one is certainly the online option and also the mail option, to a somewhat lesser extent. It may be possible to call the customer service number of the bank and get solutions to payment by phone or credit card, but you must remember that these are premium services that are available for a fee and not for free. However, you will not need to pay anything extra for making US Bank Home Mortgage Payoff request over phone. The phone number to do so and get a payoff statement is 800-365-7772.

US Bank Home Mortgage Payment Address

US Bank Home Mortgage Payment Address is different for different customers and it is mentioned in the loan documents. The statement you receive each month via mail also bears the mailing address where you are required to send your payments along with the coupon. For example, a customer based in Oklahoma might have to send their payments to the following mailing address:

U.S. Bank Home Mortgage
P.O. Box 468002
Bedford, OH 44146-8002

If not sure, you can call the customer service department of the bank to know about your mortgage payment mailing address. Moreover, you can search online to find a branch or payment center located near you and pay your bill in person.

US Bank Mortgage Payment Online

The online payment option is the simplest and easiest among all options. But before you can use the Internet to pay your bill, make sure you have completed the enrolment and obtained the username and password. These are the must-have login requirements to open your mortgage account and avail access to online payment gateway of the bank.

Enter the required information to log in to your account and select option that allows you to make payments, transfer money from one bank account to another and pay bills. You can also view your statement and keep a track of the monthly transactions with online access to your mortgage account. The system is available 24 hours a day, and it can be accessed from anywhere in the world provided you have a computer and an Internet connection.

Moreover, US Bank mortgage payment online option offers a safe and secure platform to conduct financial transactions without any fear or concern. However, you must follow the safe practices as instructed by the bank from time to time to avoid fraud or scam.

For more on US Bank Home Mortgage, keep browsing You can also visit the official website of the bank.


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