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US Bank REO refers to Real Estate Owned, or simply real estate for sale. These are properties that came under the possession of the bank either through a foreclosure auction or through the process of a deed in lieu of foreclosure. So these are also referred to as foreclosed properties or bank owned homes. These properties are indeed a liability on the bank as it has to hire asset managers, qualified real estate agents and brokers to maintain them as well as to sell them as quickly as possible. A separate division known as US Bank REO Department exists to maintain a nationwide network of real estate agents, brokers, asset managers and vendors.

US Bank REO Department

US Bank REO Department works behind the scene and we do not have enough information to contact it directly. However, we can access the listings of properties maintained by it and made available on the official website of the bank. A buyer interested in a property is supposed to contact the realtor listed against the property and not the department. In fact, the department plays no role in the sale process and the contact person for all your purchase requirements at all times remains the real estate agent dealing the property. Nevertheless, if you need financial support or mortgage loans in buying a US Bank REO property, you can talk to a bank representative by using the home mortgage customer service phone number, which is 800-365-8544.

US Bank REO Properties

US Bank REO Properties or Real Estate for Sale can be seen on the website of the bank. You can find the statewide listings of foreclosed homes for all states of the country. Select the state and view the list of properties available for sale. Get specification details, property location and also find the contact details of the broker dealing the property. Talk to the agent and fix a date to inspect the property and negotiate further. It is better to have a buyer’s agent by your side to strike the best deal at the negotiation table.

US Bank REO Asset Manager

US Bank usually gets the services of professional asset managers for its residential properties. For commercial real estate, on the other hand, it has an independent company known as US Bancorp Asset Management, Inc. The company has specialization in providing portfolio management services for commercial properties to a wide group of corporate consumers. These may include non-profit organizations, large corporations, public entities and many other institutions. The private asset managers and vendors that the bank hires provide their professional expertise and business acumen for residential properties only.


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