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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Insurance

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Insurance alternatives include lender paid as well as borrower paid mortgage insurance options. Known as LPMI and BPMI respectively these options are for the protection of your financial interest and can help you save significant amount of money in taxes. Moreover, there exists Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) which is required if you put down at the time of closing an amount less than 20 percent of the total cost of the property you are buying. Further there are life insurance coverages and homeowners insurance plans that can help you protect your investment from hazard, flood, unemployment and other natural and man-made disasters.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Insurance Department

A mortgage insurance is a coverage on the payments you make every month according to your amortization schedule. A homeowners insurance policy, on the other hand, covers the amount you are borrowing in case your home gets damaged in the event of a calamity like flood, winds or accidents. In either case you will have to approach the company that is providing the coverage to make a claim. Wells Fargo home insurance department comes in picture when you get your claims check issued. Contact the department as soon as you get your check and obtain information needed to process your claim in a timely manner.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Insurance Service Center

One can contact Wells Fargo Mortgage Insurance Center to get details of products and services and also rates and quotes over phone. The phone number to contact this center is 1-866-294-2571. Wells Fargo home mortgage hazard insurance processing center is the same as the homeowners insurance department, which can be contacted by calling the disaster assistance line. The toll free disaster assistance line is 1-888-818-9147. Another phone number to access this department is 1-515-213-7700, which is available Monday through Friday between 6 am and 10 pm CT and on Saturday between 8 am and 2 pm CT.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Insurance Address

Wells Fargo Insurance, Inc is a licensed agency which is based in Minneapolis, MN. It offers an array of homeowners protection solutions that include home warranty plan, disaster mortgage coverage and umbrella liability and home & property insurance. There also exists Wells Fargo Insurance Services, Inc that can be contacted via email, phone number and physical mail. The mailing address to send queries regarding products and services is provided here.

Wells Fargo Insurance Services, Inc.
150 North Michigan Avenue
Suite 3900
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone Number: 312-423-2500
Toll Free: 1-866-226-7342


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